Handmade Christmas Shopping…From the Comfort of your own Home!

2015 is almost over….How did that happen? Can it really be Christmas AGAIN? I’ve somehow done quite a bit of my festive shopping, much of it online, so some part of this truth must have dawned! And I might put up some decorations this weekend, and jolly the place up. This year has been a bit of a struggle, healthwise, and consequently I’m not doing my usual round of fairs and markets. For one thing I’ve had to cut right back on my making. But you can still shop with me, by visiting my Etsy and Folksy online shops! There are links here, on the right of the page. ¬†Or shop locally and visit Urban Folk in Shrewsbury (the cute place just up Grope Lane, for the uninitiated. It’s adorable; you have to visit). I’m going to be adding new items online and posting right up to Christmas. So have a peep and make life easy, by shopping from the comfort of home and knowing your order will be packed up and shipped to you super quickly…..Handmade and technology heaven!IMG-20151202-05797 (1024x1024)IMG-20151120-05758 (1024x655)IMG-20150920-05578 (1024x796)

Through Urban Folk’s Window…

I took this quick snap of the window at Urban Folk….I like the slight reflection in the glass, making it all seem rather ethereal. Spot the cushion I just took in there – in this amazing, nicely weighted Japanese cotton fabric by Koko Seki. These bright pastels are just the thing for Spring and bang on interiors trend! There’s another inside the shop in a different colourway too.

Visit Lauren Hill’s lovely shop, Urban Folk, Grope Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1. Open Monday to Saturday.

Delicious bright pastels

Delicious bright pastels