Artisan Handmade and Vintage Brocante!

vintage brocanteI’m in the throes of last minute sewing for this exciting event, tomorrow, Saturday the 17th August. At least I will be once I’ve stopped tapping away at my keyboard here, and as long as I keep remembering it’s not the time to start trying to get through Claire de Lune on the piano. It’s the Artisan Handmade and Vintage Brocante at Nantwich Civic Hall, Cheshire.  Lots and lots of fabulous sellers and the Pear of Peas tearoom…Pennie Pengilly’s cakes are the best in the land. From 10.30am-4.30pm. See for more details of who’s going to be there and what exciting things you can expect to see!

Things Going On This Weekend

Two events this weekend. Count ’em! Two! Vintage loveliness at Antiquity Vintage at the Anstice Club at Madeley, Telford this Saturday, 4th August, 10am-4pm and and vintage and crafty thrills to be had at Woore Victory Hall on Sunday, 10am-4pm. This month we have a garden party theme, for which I may have to find a hat.  I’m looking forward to both, but worrying what I might miss Olympic-wise on the telly. I have to accept that I can’t just stay home for the duration of the Games, and must go out to try and earn a crust. So see you there! (If you have one of those portable tellies, please bring it along.)